7 de mar de 2011

Is the famous "sexual diversity", normal?

The lie as project of being able!

I do not believe, not even in the long termn, that Brazil comes to be the Native land of the Gospel, saved immediate and radical intervention of the spiritual mentors of this country! A group possessed thenselves of our history as if everything started with them. The lie acquired grotesque and permanent forms, infiltrating in all the social classes of Brazil! Mouthly paying, processings, dirty filing cards, are nominated for commission of budget, illiterates for culture commissions, positions of first and as steps are disputed as pirates in the division of butins. The true history of the sad figure of Lula, will bring revelations that will show the assembly of a government consolidated on of carried through the lie and of the most faded marqueting already in the country! New "average class" is creating the biggest incompetence, without conditions to pay more than the sixty installments to buy the car of the year, after finished " miracle" of the reduction of the (taxes) IPI… They verify in the Serasa. The inflation surpasses 6%, it divides in intern that exceeds the three trillions, and it gives increase to it in the stock market-family, true electoral corral to keep under the theory of Gransci, the occupation of this gang in the direction of Brazil!

I continue waiting an official manifestation of the Church Catholic on infiltration gay in practically all the media, and the sordid attempt to influence the age children enters the 7 to 12 years to admit as "normal" famous "sexual diversity"! We are together!

Post originally in Portuguese by Carlos Vereza , actor

Translated into English by Tereza Thompson

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