17 de jan de 2011

What were they celebrating after that tragedy?

Then I insist on the subject, why are they inventing new names to be everything in the same one? This such Erradication of the Misery is only a name to  substitute Hunger Zero that has had resulted ZERO. Why exactly in the helicopter flying the catastrophe she did not take drastic measured there for aid of the victims and didn't compromise to give solution to these problems of housing that never finish due the government has no shame? Why was Mrs President  congregating with those bandits, I say Ministers soon after her visit to the place of the tragedy, without the least to go down to give to solidarity to the victims? They seemed to be so happy and laughs more not to be able. Exactly when she asked for Ethics to the Ministers? What were they were celebrating? After to see a tragedy of those and to say that the people who do not have conditions go exactly for these dangerous places. And then, Mrs President? Only this? Nor a word of incentive? None provides immediate resolutions? They seem that are content with the deaths, this I think.

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Anônimo disse...

Achei que você só era ignorante em português; mesmo morando no Canadá é em inglês também!
"Is plus a name" para "é mais um nome" é de fazer Shakespeare rolar na cova. Só não perde para a tradução de "bolsa família" que você fez no ano passado:"stock exchange"?! aaahahhahahhahahhahhahah santa ignorância!
Deve estar usando o Google translator, só pode!