5 de abr de 2010

Dilma wants to deliver our Country to the International Communism

The terrorism came back.

The machine gun is no more the same. That one of the attempted and assaults. The machine gun now is the language. The terrorism now is electoral. A terrorism that wants to kidnap the freedom of choice of the citizen. A terrorism that threatens with lies the poor and innocent people. A terrorism that wants to steal the democracy of the Brazilian people. You can see what is in the Online Leaf: Without citing the PSDB, Dilma nominally said that those that " threaten to finish with the (PAC) PGA [Program of Growth Acceleration]" and also with the Stock market Family" they are and they had always been anti-Lula" --exactly affirming in successive speeches that they intend to keep programs created in the management of the PT in the Presidency. The terrorism came back. By the way, some day it was even so? Who did what she made against the proper Brazilian brothers, people as soldier Mário Kozel Son, to deliver the country to the international communism will have some moral brake? None! The fight of them is the same one. The fight of them continues. They had made a time and go to try to make it again. These people do not love Brazil.

Translated by Tereza from: O terrorismo Voltou

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sicário-OQÑ se discute disse...

Oi Teresa, obrigado pela visita ao blog.

Eles não voltarão. Se foram capazes de fazer toda a sorte de barbaridades que cometeram em nome de sua ideologia, nós também podemos nos organizar.

Afinal: Liberdade não se implora de joelhos e conquista de espada em punho.

incognitus - disse...

Bom dia lancei um blog de apoio hehehehe a Dilma se quiser dar olhada o objetivo e ocupar espaço deixando-os sem muita opção e ao mesmo tempo mostar videos que podem ser baixados.
Um fraterno abraço
Bençãos do eterno